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Here's who I am & what I do


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Im a certified Strength-Based Coach.

I’m a Coach that works in the field of Positive Psychology making use of the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Tool as well as the Drive Assessment tool from Engagement Fit. 

The youth of today need a tool and a safe space to develop their self awareness. Learning to manage themselves within their Strengths rather than subscribing to the vastly influencing ideologies found in their social and online world that is mostly focused on the negative. 


I offer a range of online sessions for you to choose from so as to cater to your needs. For ages 14 - 17 I have a pre-developed Awareness Journey, and for 18+ there is the standard Awareness Session that can make use of the CliftonStrength Assessment or for more career focused outcomes I make use of the DRIVE assessment for ages 18 and older. 


Before any coaching, I motivate my clients to do the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ Assessment so that we may have access to their full 34 report or for ages 18 and older I recommend the DRIVE Assessment by Engagement Fit which is career centric. These reports are essential to move into an Awareness Session or Journey because the report forms the basis of the language used during the Awareness phase. 

After this is complete we can move into coaching focused sessions surrounding more personalised topics. 

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About the Journey
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Strengths Coach

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Teachers/ Lecturers/ Students

CLAIM 25% Discount on Awareness Debrief Sessions

How to claim:
1. Contact me requesting a full 34 Assessment & Awareness Debrief session.
2. Claim you are a teacher or a student.
3. If you'r a teacher/ lecturer: Provide proof of employment.
4. If you are a student (age 14 +): provide me with your last report card as proof of being a student. 

Special offer ends 31 December 2023. (Ts & Cs apply - RSA Citizens only)

Positive Psychology

It's about investing in what works well.

Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living, focusing on both individual and societal well-being. It studies "positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive aims to improve quality of life".

Watch the video by Marcus Buckingham, I think it should give you a good idea. 

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Positive Psychology
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The Tools

CliftonStrengths Full 34 Assessment

Drive by Engagement Fit

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CliftonStrengths Assessment

Today, the CliftonStrengthFinder™ Assessment is available in

more than 20 languages and modifiable for individuals with

disabilities. It is appropriate for administration to adolescents and adults

with a reading level of 10th grade or higher. Given that CliftonStrengths feedback 

is provided to foster intrapersonal development, comparisons across profiles of individuals is also discouraged – thus, it is not about comparing your talents in sequence value to those of others….it is about understanding your own and understanding the talents of others around you.

Furthermore, the CliftonStrengths assessment is not sensitive to change;

thus, it should not be used a prepost measure of growth.

Your talents are recurring patterns of thinking, feeling and

behaving, and in broad essence, it will not change much over time.

The way you use it, obviously, will change. In other words, redoing this

assessment over time or place will not alter the outcome significantly.

The exact sequence may change but within the clustering of your Top 10, 

mid-section and Bottom 5, the results will stay very consistent.

DRIVE by Engagement Fit

EngagementFit: an online platform and assessment tool, rooted in 40 years of

strengths-based psychology and positive psychology, that helps you to understand

how your natural drives and energy have a direct impact on your success and

happiness in the workplace.

Our assessment (the DRIVE assessment) measures your natural drives and energy

toward specific roles and environments. Your Dominant Drives will explain specific

natural and sustainable patterns of energy and behavior within you.


The assessment outcome provides you with clarity on your natural drives in order for you to purposefully and practically navigate your career toward roles and environments that enable you to thrive and make your unique impact.

Career centric & applicable for ages 18+

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Virtual Conference


  • You are looking for more than a quick fix.

  • You are willing to create a clear vision for what you want.

  • You are willing to take action towards your vision.

  • You are willing to be open minded & consider input that challenges your current perspectives & to try new options.

  • You are willing to do the homework in between coaching sessions. 

  • You are willing to be honest & as vulnerable as possible with your coach. 

What I Offer

Hover for details.

Enquiry Session

30 Mins


For Questions & More


Email me about what you need & we can schedule an Enquiry Session.


CliftonStrengths Awareness Session

Total: R2500

90 Mins



Clifton StrengthsFinder™ code

1 Awareness Session

DRIVE Awareness Session

Total : R2000

90 Mins



DRIVE™ code

1 Awareness Session


Coaching Session

Total: R750

90 Mins

Must have completed Awareness Session

Email me about what you need & we can schedule an Enquiry Session.


Potential points of Impact

In Self

  • Setting boundaries

  • Understanding your needs when giving & receiving

  • Awareness of thinking, feeling & behavioural patterns


  • Managing conflict

  • Social awareness (what strengthens & drains others)

  • Self management

Moving forward

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  • Time management

  • Shaping your route forward that's best suited to you as a unique individual

  • Setting goals & accountability



After having completed more than six personal development aptitude tests and classes, multiple individual sessions with life coaches and having read dozens of personal development books in an attempt to understand myself – My employer provided me with an opportunity to do a session with Louise. I can honestly testify that this session was unsurpassed. It was engaging, fun and extremely informative. It has contributed significantly to my personal and professional wellbeing and development.

Michelle Marais


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